Tips To Properly Seal And Repair A Wood Garage Door

If you have a wooden garage door, then you can expect the door to stay in great condition for 50 to 75 years. This is one reason why wood is considered a preferred material when it come to these doors. Not only will wood last a long time, but it will gain natural beauty as it ages. Wood doors can actually be repaired fairly easily when compared to aluminum, steel, and vinyl as well. You will need to complete some maintenance on your door though if you want it to last as long as it should. Keep reading to learn about some tips to help you with sealing and repairing your door properly.

Choose The Right Sealer Material

Outdoor wood must be sealed properly to protect it from the elements. The sun's UV rays can cause damage by drying out the wood. The sun also causes photodegredation where the different color compounds within the wood start to fade. During photodegredation, the wood absorbs UV light. The cells in the wood then break down on a chemical level and release the natural coloring agents from the wood. Moisture that comes into contact with the wood can also cause rot to form. To reduce damage to your wood garage door, you need to add the right protectant to it.

Many outdoor wood sealers are made out of polyurethane materials. These sealers come in both oil and water-based varieties, but they should be avoided. Your garage door is meant to move as it is opened and closed. This movement along with the changes in the weather cause the wood to expand, contract, and shift. Unfortunately, polyurethane sealers are resin-based. This resin forms a relatively hard film across the wood, and the movement of the door can cause the sealer to crack and chip. This means that you need a relatively flexible material to seal and protect the wood.

Wood stains are good for use across garage doors. Stains are colored solvents that penetrate the surface of the wood. For good protection, go with a highly viscous or thick stain for good surface protection. Also, look for an option that says it is moisture and UV resistant. If you want a natural looking door, then make sure to carefully pick out the opacity of the stain. A natural, translucent, or transparent option will be best. 

Patch Holes In The Door Properly

You will need to stain your garage door about every five to eight years depending on the type of stain you choose. If the wood seems to absorb water, appears rough on the surface, or if you notice algae or mold building, then it is time to stain your deck. Before you start cleaning your garage door and preparing it for stain, inspect the surface for dings and cracks. These openings must be filled in. While the stain will create a waterproof surface, the middle of the wood will not be protected. If the door has been dinged or cracked, the damaged areas may have been exposed to water. The water can then cause rot to form from the inside out. 

To stop rot from forming around damaged areas of your wood garage door, you will need to fill in the indentations. Use epoxy wood for this. You will need to release damaged wood from the area first that is soft or spongy. Use a screwdriver to feel around the indentations and use a putty knife or the screwdriver to remove soft wood. If there is a great deal of rot already forming, then you may need to strengthen your door with a resin material called wood hardener. This fluid will bind wood particles together to harden areas damaged by rot.

Afterwards, mix the epoxy putty according to the directions, fill in the dents, and allow the putty to dry. The putty can be sanded after it cures, and it can also be stained once it is smoothed out. 

If you feel you cannot do this on your own, contact a garage door service and repair company, such as DSI Door Services North Shore.

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