Protecting Your Home: Use Your Smart Device To Keep Your Garage Secure

If you're concerned about keeping your home and family safe from burglary and other crimes, use your smart device to secure and monitor your garage. Smart devices, such as cell phones and tablets, can help you keep track of who's entering and leaving your home through your garage. It's also possible to connect your smart device to your garage door opener to help you keep your home and garage secure. Here's why smart devices come in handy, how you can use your smart devices to monitor your garage and what you can do to set it up.

Why Is It Important to Monitor Your Garage?

If you live in a community affected by home invasions and burglaries, you may worry about keeping your family safe when you're at home or out. Thieves can break into locked and unlocked garages to steal the valuables of homeowners late at night or in the early morning. Some individuals can also target homes in broad daylight, when homeowners leave for work or another outing. In these cases, burglars hide and wait until you leave home to invade your home through your garage.

If you happen to be home during a burglary or home invasion, such as at night, it can become dangerous or life threatening for you and your children. Home invaders can quietly enter the home through your garage and surprise you when you're asleep. You might not hear the window glass in your garage door break or the door lift as thieves access it. By the time you become aware of what's going on, it may be too late to react. 

To avoid the potentially dangerous problems above, use your smart device to stay connected to your garage through a security monitoring system.

How Do You Use Your Smart Device to Monitor Your Garage?

While you can set up a security monitoring system and connect it to your smart device yourself, it's better to hire a garage door contractor for help. Setting up the system may be complicated, and if you don't set it up correctly, it may not monitor your garage safely. The system needs to access your garage door opener to work.

A contractor will generally install a wireless security system inside your garage and somewhere close to your garage door opener. Although the system relies on wireless Internet to operate, you want to maintain a clear signal between the two devices for the best performance. You download a monitoring app to your smart device after a contractor installs the system. Depending on the type of monitoring system you use for your garage, you may need to set up an account through the app. A contractor may guide you through the setup.

After installation, the security system sends alerts to your smart device every time your garage door opens and closes. If the opener transmits a signal to open or close the garage door when you're not at home or during hours you don't expect anyone to access the garage, you can alert the local authorities. You may be able to set up an alert program through your app that triggers your device to ring, buzz or make another loud noise to get your attention during hours you aren't active and about in the home.

In addition, some wireless security system for garages allow you to connect them to the rest of your home, which allows you to monitor the safety of your doors and windows. Keep in mind that if a thief can't access your garage, they may try to enter a window or door connected to the main house. It's a good idea that you ask a garage door contractor about this service when you contact them to install your monitoring system.

For more information about protecting your home and garage from theft and other crime, contact a garage door contractor today.

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