Stop Garage Condensation To Prevent Damage

Condensation inside your garage should never be a problem. If you have condensation issues, you must do something to resolve the problem before it causes mold, rot, and corrosion damage that will be exceptionally expensive to repair. Here, you will learn of a few things that you can do to eliminate the condensation from forming in your garage for good.

Upgrade the Garage Door

If your garage door is old and rickety, it is probably the cause of the problem. Upgrading to a garage door that has a built-in vapor barrier will make a huge difference in the temperature control in your garage. The more regulated the internal temperature, the fewer condensation problems you will have.

Newer garage doors seal the garage better and are insulated, which will play a significant role in the battle against the condensation. If you are unsure of how well your garage door was made, talk with your local garage door expert for assistance.

Seal the Floor

Condensation can seep in through the concrete garage floor. If the concrete isn't sealed or hasn't been sealed for quite a while, it's time to get the job done.

Start by clearing the floor in the garage – you need to coat every square inch of the floor with sealant. Once you have cleared the space, sweep and mop the concrete. Set up some fans to help the concrete dry quickly. Apply a coat of concrete sealant and allow it time to cure before replacing the contents of the garage.

Tip: If concrete moisture is a serious issue in your garage, consider investing in an epoxy coating. Not only will this seal the concrete completely, it will make your garage look great.

Install Vapor Barriers

Once you have improved the garage door and sealed the floor, the only thing left for you to take care of are the walls. Installing vapor barriers on the walls will take some time, but it will not only eliminate the moisture issue, it will make things much more comfortable.

Note: Do not install vapor barriers on the ceiling with the hopes of improving the situation. Doing so will only trap the moisture inside the garage door and make matters worse.

Talk with your local garage door professional, such as Velting Overhead Door, for assistance. He or she will be able to pinpoint the problem and assist you in making the necessary changes to protect your garage and the contents within.

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