Commercial Garage Door Stuck? Learn What Could Be Wrong

The garage door in a building is often overlooked. However, when the door won't open, you quickly discover just how vital a component of the operation it is. Are you experiencing this issue? If so, there may not be a reason to panic yet as there are a number of practical reasons why you might be experiencing this issue.

Signal Confusion

Did you recently add another garage door opener to your facility? The addition of a new system could lead to a signal mixup that prevents your garage door from opening. In this instance, it's not exactly the garage door itself that is having the problem, but your electric opener system.

When you press the button to open the door, the signal from the new opener system could block the signal. If the door was opening just fine before this addition and you're able to open the door manually with ease, this may be the issue.

Sensor Issues

Commercial garage doors can easily weigh hundreds of pounds, especially if the door is insulated. To keep your team members safe, a pair of sensors were likely installed on each side of the door when it was first installed. The sensors work by detecting the presence of any objects that are in the path of the door.

If the sensors recognize an object, they will lock in place and fail to close. These sensors are rather small and are easy to bump and knock out of position. In this case, the sensors will react just as if there was an object in its path and failed to close. If the sensors are aligned, it may be time for a replacement.

Track Damage

When it comes to opening and closing a garage door, the door and opener are only half of the process. The track that the door travels on is of equal of importance. If the track is bent in any way, this will create an obstruction for the door that prevents it from rotating along the track, which could be the reason for your concerns.

Particularly if your business is in a humid climate, high humidity levels could cause the track to warp or rust. Frequent banging on the track could also lead to an issue.

When your garage door isn't working, you may be unable to load your shipments, or you might not be able to secure your equipment or vehicles. If you're not sure what the problem is or the reason for the malfunction is outside your scope of knowledge, contact a professional technician who handles commercial garage door maintenance services.   

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