What Are The Top Reasons Why Commercial Garage Door Repairs Are Needed?

Many businesses use commercial garage doors. It's normal for restaurants and retail stores to have garage doors in their loading and unloading areas since these are the places where large trucks bring their inventory. Of course, it only makes sense for auto repair shops and other businesses in the automotive industry to have commercial garage doors in place, and these are just a few examples. Businesses of all kinds often find that they have to work with commercial garage door repair businesses so they can have commercial garage door repairs done. These are some of the most common reasons why these repairs are needed.

Wear and Tear

In many cases, commercial garage door repair is needed because of simple wear and tear. In an automotive repair shop, for example, a commercial garage door might be opened and closed dozens of times a day or more. Over time, this can lead to the garage door wearing out and needing simple repair. Keeping the garage door well-maintained is a good way to prevent repairs from being needed prematurely, however.


Sometimes, accidents can happen and cause commercial garage door repairs to be needed. When a truck driver is backing up to the door so that inventory can be loaded or unloaded, for example, they might hit the door and cause minor or even serious damage that has to be addressed so that the door can be restored.

Storm Damage

In some cases, commercial garage door repairs are needed because of storm damage. Even though commercial garage doors are designed to be stronger and more durable than residential garage doors, they can still be seriously damaged by hurricanes, tornadoes, and other major storms. In many cases, a company's insurance will help cover these repair costs. Those who operate businesses in areas where these types of storms are common might want to have their garage door braced after having it repaired to help prevent similar types of damage in the future.

Installation of the Wrong Type of Garage Door

Some businesses have to have repairs done because they didn't install the right garage door or opener in the first place. For example, a business that tried to cut corners by installing a residential-grade garage door might find that repairs will be needed prematurely because the garage door is not able to withstand the heavy-duty use in a commercial setting. In this situation, a replacement with a good-quality commercial garage door is often needed. 

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