5 Amazing Benefits Of An Automatic Garage Door Opener Installation

In the modern, fast-paced life, convenience is invaluable. As you enter or leave your garage, you don't want the inconvenience of hoisting your heavy garage door. And this is why most modern garages are installed with automatic garage door openers. 

Check out these five top benefits of an automatic garage door opener installation.

Utilizes Smart Technology

If you constantly forget to close your garage door after leaving the house, you'll appreciate having an automatic garage door opener. You can set a timer so the door automatically closes after a certain period of time. Also, you can operate the garage door from wherever you are using your smartphone. You can check if the door is open and close it with a simple tap on the screen while relaxing on your office couch. 

Enhanced Safety

With traditional garage door openers, you risk getting injuries as you lift the garage door from the ground. But after an automatic garage door opener installation, all the heavy lifting is done for you. Anyone, including kids and seniors, can open the door with a single push of a button. 

Moreover, modern garage door openers have safety sensors that prevent the danger of the door crashing down on your kids or pets. Other built-in safety features such as photoelectric eyes prevent the door from closing if there's an object in the way.  

Improved Security

Your garage houses some of your most prized possessions, including your car and machinery. It may also serve as an entrance to your home. Therefore, maintaining its security is critical.  Some automatic garage door openers have rolling codes that change every time you press the remote button. As a result, an intruder cannot easily access your garage. There's also another impressive feature called vacation mode that disables the use of a remote to open the door while you're away. Criminals cannot use remote control code scanners to enter your garage. 

Automatic Built-in Lighting

You will need to use your garage at night. But since the garage houses all kinds of things, including tools and equipment, it can be dangerous to move around the room without proper lighting. Thankfully, modern garage door openers have automatic built-in lights that illuminate the inside of the garage when you enter. The automated lights also illuminate the outside of the garage and the path leading to the garage. This feature is essential when driving in or out of the garage at night or when there's bad weather. 

Boosts Home Value

Replacing your traditional garage door opener with a modern automatic one will significantly boost your home's value. If you happen to sell your home, potential buyers will appreciate the safety and convenience of your garage door and be more willing to meet your price demands. 

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