Addressing The Problems With Your Garage Door Opener Button

The opener button to your garage door system can be an important tool for opening and closing this door. As a result, problems with this relatively small component can have major consequences on the performance of the garage door system.

Dirt Getting Inside The Opener Button

Large amounts of dirt getting into the opener can be a problem that will severely impact the performance of the button. For example, it could be possible for the dirt and dust that has gotten into the garage door opener button to actually jam it. In order to minimize the risk of this occurring, the garage door opener button should be regularly dusted and cleaned. This will remove dirt and grime from the exterior of the button before it can work its way inside it. When cleaning the button, you may want to use a cotton swab to clean the edges of the button since this can be an area where dirt and dust may be able to enter the interior of the button.

Alignment Problems With The Button

The button will need to be properly aligned in the case to be able to compress and pop out when released. If the button were to loosen or develop alignment issues, there will be a much greater chance of the button jamming or otherwise getting stuck. Unfortunately, this is a problem that will eventually arise with almost any garage opener button because of how often it gets used. Once this problem has developed, it may be necessary tore place the button to allow it to continue working as expected. Some individuals may assume that there is little need to replace the button until it completely fails. However, replacing a button that is suffering from alignment issues before this occurs can avoid situations where the button may get stuck and cause the garage door to become unresponsive.

Loose Or Faulty Wiring

A loose wiring connection is another common issue a garage door opener can experience. These loose connections can prevent the button from receiving the power that it needs to transmit the open or closed signal to the garage door system. Unfortunately, wiring problems can be extremely dangerous to repair, and this is the case even when it is a relatively small device like a garage door opener button. If you suspect an issue with the wiring connection for your garage door opener button, having a professional service such as Armor Overhead Door inspect it and complete the necessary repairs.

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