Got A Broken Garage Door Cable? Let The Pros Fix It For You!

Your home's garage door is connected to a system of intricate parts that work to raise and lower the door. Your garage door cable is one of the most important parts of your garage door system, and a broken cable could make your garage door unsafe to operate. If you suspect or know for sure that you have a broken cable, garage door contractors can resolve the issue to get everything working like it should again.

Functions of a Garage Cable

The main function of a garage cable is to ensure that the garage door moves smoothly as it's being raised or lowered along its tracks. The cable alleviates some of the tension from the torsion springs so that the door can move without any shaky or abrupt motions. If one of your garage door's extension springs breaks, a cable can act as an additional safety measure by keeping the spring from being projected and potentially hitting a person or object inside the garage.

Dangers of a Broken Cable

If a cable snaps or is on the verge of breaking, your garage door could become a dangerous contraption to operate. Your garage door could collapse suddenly and fall onto any vehicle, object or person that's below it and cause serious damage or bodily harm. The garage door may also become lopsided, which can put more stress on certain garage door system components and damage these parts. Your garage's floor could also get damaged if the door falls onto it because of a broken cable.

Signs of a Broken Cable

A garage door cable that has already snapped or is on the verge of breaking can sometimes cause obvious problems, but you shouldn't ignore some of the other signs that might not seem so apparent. If you notice any of these signs, you should have your garage door inspected as soon as possible to determine if you need broken garage cable repair service:

  • An uneven garage door
  • A frayed cable
  • Garage door jamming

Broken Garage Cable Solutions

Fortunately, a broken garage cable can be fixed and doesn't have to cause permanent problems. The only sensible way to have a broken garage cable fixed is to have it replaced, but replacing a cable is usually a simple process for experts who have the right training. If you want to remain as safe as possible, it's best to have experts handle your broken garage cable repair work so that you don't risk injuring yourself when the old cable is being replaced.

If you want to have a garage door that functions like second nature, you shouldn't wait to have any garage cable problems fixed. Garage door contractors who are highly knowledgeable in broken garage cable repair will gladly be at your service whenever you need their help.

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